Warm Bodies

Warm BodiesWarm Bodies is a zombie love story. Amazon describes it:

If true love is meant to be, what does it matter if one is human and the other a zombie? Warm Bodies is a pretty delightful, tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.

Maybe more appropriate to say very loosely based. It’s too much “love story” and not enough “zombie.” And to be perfectly frank, there’s not enough “love story” either.

Yet another in the recent series of inner-monologue narration films, Warm Bodies tries to create a romantic horror comedy but is woefully light on romance, horror and comedy. There’s a total of one scene in the entire movie that remotely lends itself to fright, and you’ll see worse during a typical trip on the subway.

Love story? Not so much. More like a crush ‘R’, the zombie character, has on the human, Julie. That relationship isn’t remotely reciprocated until the last five minutes of the movie. Warm Bodies tries to be too much – comedy, horror, romance – and as a result it fails at being any of them.

This wasn’t a bad movie, but it surely wasn’t worth the time. If you can watch it twice (with interest) you’re a better man than me.

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