Twelve and Holding

I selected Twelve and Holding to watch with my 12-year-old son but after viewing this terribly sad, coming of age tale, I’ve decided against it.

Amazon describes Twelve and Holding, …
Shocking and intricate pre-teen coming of age tale where adolescence and adulthood collide, exploring the complexities of children losing their innocence and adults struggling to guide them. Sparked by the tragic death of Jacob’s twin brother, a trio of friends band together as they grapple with feelings of revenge, grief and experiences of growing up. As each family’s personal challenges are revealed, they learn to better understand each other and their own realities.

While Twelve and Holding would provide a means to discuss with pre-teens the issues of thinking before you act and the consequences of our actions as well as death and dying, some of the situations these children find themselves in, is not appropriate for my son at this stage of his life.

One particularly disturbing event happens when young 12-year-old Malee, becomes infatuated with an older construction worker and decides to give herself to him, showing her despiration for love and acceptance.