Fed Up: Frustrating!

I couldn’t wait to watch this movie. The trailer made it sound very interesting. It promised to educate me.  I was more than a little irritated that my husband had me wait about three days for him to order it from our DVD subscription service.

Well, I just finished watching the new movie, “Fed Up”, and I have to tell you, I’m fed up. The movie was basically a tirade against all sugar. I already knew that we eat too much sugar. But I also know that not all calories are created equal. I am just thankful I waited until it came, instead of paying for what amounts to little more than a misplaced and politically expedient tirade. I wouldn’t want my money to go to support people who pretend to tell the truth, but don’t.

Watch the Trailer

Producer Laurie David showed clips of Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and demonized the capitalistic Republicans.  Why would they split an issue like this along political lines? Why would she only tell half the story? They tell you how bad sugar is and just how much of it we are eating but the closest they get to anything else is to cook and to eat real food. Not a word about the significant difference between HFCS and sugar, or what GMO’s are and how they are killing us.

Save your money.  Watch the video below instead, it’s free and it will educate you about the food you eat.

This is Fed Up! Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternatives. Fed Up was released in 2002 by Wholesome Goodness Productions. More than a decade later, it still remains relevant. Most of the statistics are worse now and we are starting to see the rise of insect-resistance to plants engineered to produce their own pesticides. There is still woefully little research available on long term ingestion of GMO foods — and how most foods in the US are still not labeled.

FED UP! answers many questions regarding genetic engineering, the Green Revolution, genetic pollution and modern pesticides through interviews with Marc Lappé and Britt Bailey from the Center for Ethics and Toxics, Peter Rosset and Anuradha Mittal from Food First, Vandana Shiva from the Research Center for Science, Technology and Ecology, Ignacio Chapela from UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Martina McGloughlin, Director of UC Davis’ Biotechnology Program and many others.

Tell the truth about our food. What most of eat isn’t really food.

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Anne of Green Gables

Movie Review: Anne of Green Gables – A New Beginning

I have to tell you up front that Anne of Green Gables is one of my all-time favorite movies of all time. Don’t bother responding with, “yeah, but Kevin Sullivan didn’t stick close enough to the books.” I am certain I would love the books, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Lucy
Maud Montgomery
used her imagination to write these stories and I believe she would approve of Kevin Sullivan’s work.

I was fully ready to reject Barbara Hershey in her roll as Anne Shirley in Kevin Sullivan’s latest creation, Anne of Green Gables – A New Beginning. I simply couldn’t imagine her playing Anne Shirley, when all that stuck in my own mind was her role in Beaches, where she played opposite Bette Midler.

Hershey did a fabulous job in her role as Anne and I love the way Sullivan wove the story around in order to fill in many of the blanks viewers were left with in his previous Anne of Green Gables series of films.

I am, however, left with the disturbing feeling that something is amiss, since  in Anne Of Green Gables – The Continuing Story were left with Gill coming home after WWII safe and sound, but Anne of Green Gables – A New Beginning, Gill has died, viewers see his gravestone showing he died in 1945, which would have been during the war. It broke my heart that they wrote Gill out of the story. Clearly this movie upset quite a few fans. One reviewer wrote on Amazon:

I love Anne of Green Gables. I’ve read every book written by L.M. Montgomery, practically every book about L.M. Montgomery and I’ve seen a number of adaptations of Anne in various forms from plays to movies. This movie has nothing to do with Anne of Green Gables or L.M. Montgomery.

When are the producers going to stop trying to shoehorn their own ideas for characters and plot into the Green Gables name. This isn’t a horrible movie but it isn’t Anne of Green Gables. Anne is an orphan that is at the very foundation of who she is as a character. titled: Blasphemy

Anne Of Green Gables - The Continuing StoryObviously, this author doesn’t realize that Anne of Green Gables was a series of stories by L.M. Montgomery, not an autobiography. Lucy used her imagination and wrote from her heart. Kevin Sullivan masterfully wove a story together that keeps Anne of Green Gables alive and growing, which I find refreshing.

I loved watching the characters in the original Anne of Green Gables trilogy. I think I would watch anything with Megan Follows and Richard Farnsworth was a fabulous actor. If you enjoy watching Barbara Hershey and Shirley MacLaine, you will enjoy this movie. However, if you are a hard-core fan of the Anne of Green Gables books in their pure form, don’t bother — you will hate it.

I pull out Anne of Green Gables and watch the entire Kevin Sullivan series every couple months. I watch this newest addition right along with the others, without too much trouble with the character switch.