I Am Because We Are

I Am Because We Are” with Bill Clinton and Madonna. A documentary, released in 2008, about the extreme poverty, AIDS and practices in the African nation of Malawi, which just happens to be where her 2 adpoted children came from.

I don’t know, is it just me or does Madonna have a tough time pulling off the caring mother routine? She’s simply not credible in that roll, if you ask me. She speaks throughout the film in a monatanous tone that made me want to scream.

“I Am Because We Are” presents the same old tired message that we are one and we must help. None of the information is new or even creative. Basically, Madonna knew that she could sell DVD’s if she produced this film, with her name on it. She simply did not put much effort into it. All proceeds from this film go to Madonna’s non-profit charity, Raising Malawi.

While I feel for the citizens of Malawi, until they stop some of their risky social practices, nothing is going to make a difference in that country. I’m certainly glad she’s there to help them.

Contains nudity and adult themes.


Awakenings, based on the acclaimed book by neurologist Oliver Sacks, director Penny Marshall’s 1990 drama stars Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Sayer.

The story, based on the real life work of Dr. Malcolm Sayer, is about about a doctor who makes terrific strides in fighting post-encephalitis patients that were considered incurable. The patients were in a persistent catatonic state.

Sayer is a neurologist who discovers that the drug L-Dopa can be used to “unlock” the patients minds and bodies, bringing them back to the real world and the problems living in the real world brings. The story takes us through the struggles and triumphs of patients who have lost nearly 30 years of their lives.

Leonard (Robert De Niro) is one such patient who awakens after being in a comatose state for 30-years, leaving Sayer to guide Leonard in adjusting to the world around him. Penelope Ann Miller costars as the daughter of another patient, with whom Leonard falls tenuously in love.

Robin Williams fans will enjoy watching Awakenings!

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