The Sound Of Music

When my son was five, we watched The Sound of Music. I don’t mean we watched it once, or even twice. For the entire year my son was five we watched The Sound of Music.

I made it to the ripe old age of 38 without having watched this classic film. To tell you the truth, I had never given it any thought what so ever. Of course, once I began watching this delightful movie, I was hooked. Since it’s my habit to put movies in before bed and I almost always fall asleep before the ending, it takes me several days to watch anything.

This particular movie took me almost two weeks to watch, because the music in the beginning is so calming and soothing, my son and I would both fall asleep early on. It didn’t take too long for me to make a connection – I wanted my son to fall asleep, The Sound of Music makes him sleep – Watch The Sound of Music. So, we did, for an entire year.

Just as all good things must come to an end, so did this period in our lives. We reluctantly put The Sound of Music back on the shelf and quickly moved on to other things. That is until this week…

Shopping at Blockbuster Video we found a 40th Anniversary Edition of Rodger’s & Hammerstein’s,title=”Order The Sound of Music from Amazon now”>The Sound of Music – a two disc set, with a exclusive Interviews with Julie Andrews. I couldn’t wait to get home to watch it.

I didn’t even watch the movie first; I dove right in and started watching the interviews with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and a taped reunion with the Von Trapp children. I was even delighted to find a copy of the A&E Network film, “The Von Trapp Family: Harmony and Discord“.

The commentaries were delightful, with wonderful shots around the town of Salzburg, Austria and tales of their antics and time spent shooting on location. Julie Andrews was a graceful as ever as she talks about the happenings, behind the scenes.

The actors give a fascinating look into the real lives and the fantasy lives of the Von Trapp family, who fled Salzburg in 1938, leaving behind everything they owned except one, bag each. The real life Von Trapp family later settled in the State of Vermont.

I highly recommend this movie to Sound of Music lovers and to those who have never watched this touching classic film; I especially recommend spending the extra money for the 40th Anniversary Edition, it’s worth it. This is one movie you’ll want to watch time and time again.

The hardest part is figuring out which DVD to watch first. I think I’ll watch the Julie Andrews commentary tonight, it’s one of my favorites. I’ve been watching the DVD set for three days now and I still haven’t made it through the entire selection yet. My absolutely favorite part is the puppet show, that song is so cute and the kids really look like they are enjoying themselves.

What’s your favorite scene?

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