‘America’ a vicious piece of propaganda

I have to admit, this movie set me off. About half way through the movie, I almost walked out. I was fuming mad.  After they said America was a bunch a thieves, and our country was based on plunder.  We stole the land from the Indians and kept slaves.  Nothing they said wasn’t true, but oh boy, was I hot.

America: Imagine a World without Her

America: Imagine a World without Her

I wonder if this person actually did get up and walk out before the second half? Posted in the Union Democrat on July 15, 2014:

Movie or political advertisement?
I was so shocked by a movie that was shown at the Regal Cinema theater that was so in violation of proper material to be shown to the public without notice of it being a political advertisement that I must protest somehow.

The movie I am referring to is “America,” it is a vicious, manipulative piece of propaganda twisting and presenting a history of our country so that it creates mistrust and fear.

I am shocked that our only movie source in Tuolumne County would show such a politically inflammable, unjust film.

Regal Theaters should be held accountable. It is unforgivable to foist that kind of offensive material on the unsuspecting public.
Beverley Harrison
Sonora, CA

I wonder how exactly does one go about holding Regal Theaters accountable?

After staying to watch the second half, they told they rest of the story.  Restoring my faith in America and my faith in humanity.
Watch the trailer for yourself.  Are we a nation of thieves?  Watch the movie, you decide.

Alien Dawn

Alien DawnThis is the part of the review where I would normally try to explain that it really wasn’t the absolutely worst movie I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been trying for over 6 months now to think of any movie that’s worse. There just has to be one, right? No. Really.

Alien Dawn is the absolutely worst movie of all time. It’s the worst movie ever created in all of history. There’s a good chance I could even add “or that could ever be,” but I’ll bet the writer/director of Alien Dawn, Neil Johnson, would take it as a challenge to create a part 2. It’s not even “Plan 9 From Outer Space” bad, it’s just “I wish I would have taken my own advice and stopped watching 2 minutes into the movie” bad.

Don’t do it to yourself. This movie is not worth the time.

If you choose to ignore my sage wisdom on this, I’d love to laugh at your justification for actually watching it all the way through. Please, do tell…

Warm Bodies

Warm BodiesWarm Bodies is a zombie love story. Amazon describes it:

If true love is meant to be, what does it matter if one is human and the other a zombie? Warm Bodies is a pretty delightful, tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.

Maybe more appropriate to say very loosely based. It’s too much “love story” and not enough “zombie.” And to be perfectly frank, there’s not enough “love story” either.

Yet another in the recent series of inner-monologue narration films, Warm Bodies tries to create a romantic horror comedy but is woefully light on romance, horror and comedy. There’s a total of one scene in the entire movie that remotely lends itself to fright, and you’ll see worse during a typical trip on the subway.

Love story? Not so much. More like a crush ‘R’, the zombie character, has on the human, Julie. That relationship isn’t remotely reciprocated until the last five minutes of the movie. Warm Bodies tries to be too much – comedy, horror, romance – and as a result it fails at being any of them.

This wasn’t a bad movie, but it surely wasn’t worth the time. If you can watch it twice (with interest) you’re a better man than me.